HOLY FUCKING SHIT this guy will make you wanna slit your wrists long ways slowly. You will beg for death to take you out before this fucker utters a word from his fat fucking lips. When he rolls into a room you will jump the fuck out the closest window, and if there is no window then shayrah is evil you will peel a hole in the wall to get as far away from this piece of shit. There is no getting ready there is only feel and die. You will want to drive your head into a table repeatedly to just put an end to the misery that is the fucking matinee Brett Keane.

The Pimpmunk Show

Brett got on the Show once, it would have been twice if this fat matinee piece of reprehensible shit had waited longer than 24 hours to start stirring the drama pot. Within one day of playing the nice guy, he doxxed Ben and started trying to pick fights with the Hosts of the show, and was thereby banned. Whew, dodged a bullet there guys.


  • Just fucking kill yourself now because he is gonna drive you mad.
  • He is in his thirties. Seriously.
  • Has no teeth


List of Appearance(s)

  1. The Pimpmunk After Show (Episode 13's Aftershow)