Christopher the Fantastic Fascist, formerly known as Starfire media -chris, is a former moderator of The Chat who in the past has appeared live alongside either Pimpmunk, Christopher S, or Ethan.


  • He's black, and as a result Pimp often refers to him as being "of the negro-persuasion".
  • His new username was decided after someone in The Chat said something to the effect of "You are one fabulous fantastic fascist."
  • He is an anti-theist.
  • He did not take kindly to Ben's derision of Michigan on Episode 33, as he incidentally lives there.
  • Strongly defends Michigan against anybody speaking ill of that shit hole lovely place.


  • "I got two hundred and eighty seconds. that's like a hour!"— Fascist on how long his timeout lasts for

List of Appearance(s)

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