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"You got the gook edition!?" - DtheZombie 2016

DtheZombie is the founder and former head-admin of The Pimpmunk Show Wiki.


He was born in a Cornfield in the Midwest. He has a music project called Dr. Dogteeth. He cries while watching the Notebook. His girl friend beats him while he sleeps. This piece of fucking shit was the biggest Drunken Peasants fanboy alive. He watches every episode live and he never misses a live show. He had made it his life goal to never miss a live show even if that means skipping his mothers funeral and even if that means missing the birth of his first born child. This motherfucker was fucking hardcore about watching the Drunken Peasants live, but he eventually realized the error of his ways.

The Pimpmunk Show

He was on Episode 21, 22, and The Pimpmunk Show After Show (A big Fucking Mess), along with several other streams that were and were not official Pimpmunk Shows.



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