[1]"I would rather revisit North Korea, than to drive through Gary, Indiana."
Landon Curt Noll 2016


Gary, Indiana was once an industrial center, but is now considered to be one of, if not the, worst cities in America in terms of crime, poverty, drug use, pollution, etc.

On the Show

Gary became a meme on the show when it was revealed that Ho Burger lives there. Landon became particularly interested in the negative statistics of Gary, much to Ho Burger's chagrin, which led to Landon declaring that every time he interacts with Ho, he will relay him another fact about this dark corner of the USA.


  • The crime rates in Gary can be seen here.
  • Gary's population can be seen here.
  • Gary was considered to be the "Murder Capital of the US", but seems to have been surpassed by Detroit recently.
  • The History Channel show Life After People, which explored what would happen to the world if humanity disappeared, was filmed in Gary(source).
  • As of June 1, 2016, Gary has 214 registered sex offenders living in the city.
  • Most people would probably be safer visiting North Korea than Gary. (Just ask Landon, he's done both.)
  • 6,500 of the 7,000 properties owned by Gary are abandoned. City officials want to auction off abandoned property buildings for $1 because the city does not have the funds to demolish them. They fear that criminals will/are moving into them.
  • According to the quality of life index, where 100 is the national average, in 2012 Gary overall rated only 37.
  • So many students leave before their senior year that the schools are considered by some to be "dropout factories". For example in 2007, Roosevelt High School, Gary had only a 42% graduation rate.


  • "I mean, Gary, Indiana is like, it's Indiana's Michigan."Christopher S on Gary


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