• On top of wanting to be a comedian, he also apparently wants to be a lounge singer.
  • He regularly beats his mom with Oreos.
  • Has a fear of irrational rumors.
  • He is the Zodiac Killer Diddler.
  • Is Mr. Clean's failed abortion.
  • Wants to be associated with One-Testicle (Lance) Armstrong.
  • Says "okay, first of all" before responding to anything


  • "Who the hell is PewDiePie?"
  • "I've been outside several times."
  • "Okay, first of all."
  • "If anime has proved anything, it's that two bombs were not enough."
  • "Hoburger, shut the fuck up!"
  • "Die Hard is underestimated"
  • "Jesus was gay"


Dip Preemie Perma Jampreem

List of Appearance(s)


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