An absolute raging cunt, a utterly toxic individual, if you ever find yourself in acquaintance with this horrendous cunt you should immediately kill yourself as a means to save your sanity and die with dignity. Jenny Mcdonalds is responsible for doxxing many people including jjTalkz and Armoured Skeptic. She has also targeted several youtube channels that have made videos about her with false flags and false DMCA attacks. Horseface also supported feminists trying to get Thunderf00t fired from his job, committed fraud through (which caused her to be fired from her job) and was once affiliated with Brett motherloving Keane. So if you ever find this horrendous cunt dwelling around the internet, ESCAPE.

Appearance on the Show

Originally Pimpmunk was reluctant to give Jenny the link to the hangout because he was afraid she would tweet out the link, ruining the stream (an in character move for Jenny McHerpClit) but eventually Pimp decided it would be pretty funny so he sent her the link. Upon entering the hangout it was revealed that she was driving while talking in the hangout, endangering herself and others on the road. Driving aside she came in putting on a fake as shit nice girl act which discontinued after Pimp brought up his grievances with her, in this she asked "What's the difference between a DMCA and a false DMCA?" perhaps the dumbest thing she ever said (and that's saying a lot). Then Tommy came in and he came in swinging and shit hit the fan as shouting between Jenny and Tommy insued, in the chaos Christopher S. was researching the GoFundMe case and after the shouting subsided Chris stepped in and presented his argument in a very respectful manner. Jenny presented her story which was marred with inconsistencies and emotion appeals. Tommy then tried to make a point and was shouted at by Jenny and that's around the time when HE APPEARED... the cold rolled in and we knew... Ben has arrived and he came in laughing at Jenny like the circus freak show she is and that's when Jenny left the hangout.


  • "What's the difference between a DMCA and a false DMCA?"

List of Appearance(s)


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