"Fuck you, and niggers with your drugs! You know, You're the problem with America! And the fuckin' Spics! And the goddamn Towelhead Muslims!"
- Johnny 2016


Johnny was born with feline HIV that left him crippled, and was only able to find solace in cumming on My Little Pony figurines. It was thusly that he became Lord of the Cloppers.


  • "Like If you wanna chop off your dick like thats cool"


  • Fooled around with a little gay black guy.
  • DomWithTheDude.
  • He is a cripple.
  • Rybi Jenkins refers to him as "Neckbeard Guy".
  • He needs to show us da booty.
  • When he smiles it's like looking into the eyes of every child with Down's Syndrome.
  • Has only one testicle.


  • Gimme dat booty bitch
  • We have duckumentation.

List of Appearance(s)


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