"I half expect him to get naked and, you know, milf." 
- Liberal Ocelot 2016


A clumsy, well-meaning Gungan outcast on Naboo, Jar Jar Binks struggled to prove his worth throughout his life. ( - Star Wars Databank)

He is both a piece of shit who draws pictures so that he can feed his meth habit, and a little boy that loves to be diddled by older men.

He also is the grand Kaiser of all Airlines in the USA. He acquired the rights from Tommy, as he couldn't pay Ocelot for his performance in BlackTanic.

And as most don't know. He actually has a YouTube Channel. It's pretty shit, but it's slightly above Hoburger level. His is the token asexual Of Wednesday Anyday


  • Often appears on Wednesday Anyday
  • Suuuuuper popular
  •  #staysmall
  •  He is on the fucking plane
  • He has made fan art for nearly everyone who has appeared on the pimpmunk show. But also has a vast amount made for the Drunken Peasants.
  • He is the inferior, male version of BeyondPhere. With none of the sex appeal.
  • He has made art for: Wednesday Anyday, Drunken Peasants, Pimpmunk, Paulsego, Tommy From The Bronx, Galen Hallcyon, The Amazing Atheist, and many more.
  • He runs every airline in America.
  • Ocelot was responsible for 911
  • He is the Token asexual of Wednesday Anyday.
  • He plans to tell his patents about his recreational activities in 2016, sometime in or after 2021.


  • "Meesa gonna take the redpill!"
  • "Meesa Liberal Ocelot! Meesa draw Drunken Peasants!"


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