• "I'm getting overwhelmed by this pizza."
  • "I'll take a coat hanger to my chonch anytime. I don't care."
  • "It looks like a ham sandwich with hair shavings."
  • "Look guys, I molest children."




  • Owns giant cardboard cut out heads of Nicholas Cage, Don Cheadle, and others.
  • Owns a box full of card board heads.
  • Is a Trans Timmy Turner.
  • Will lick Fritos Brand Flavor Twists Honey BBQ seductively for charity for Galen on 24 Hours For Galen #2.
  • Will date Johnny Ringo, only if he keeps his neckbeard.
  • Has a blue shag carpet.
  • Sounds like Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Bubbles, Timmy Turner and generally most Tara Strong voices.


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